Who We Are

We are a brother-sister team selling origami to benefit children in need 

(Allison & Alex at their local Farmer's Market in 2014)
          Origami4Kids started when 6 year old Allison learned how to make origami cranes. To help Japan recover after a tsunami, Allison made a hundred cranes to donate because for each crane that was donated, a company gave 1 dollar. Japan could use the money for houses, food, and other items that they needed. Afterwards, Allison sold origami crafts, specifically cards, at the local Farmer’s Market sale with her friend. The following year, her brother, Alex, became her assistant. Together they worked very well together and after selling at the local Farmer's Market for five years in a row, they decided to help others in need and to raise money for children. Currently, Allison, 16, and Alex, 19, are still selling their origami crafts. They enjoy making new designs for cards and creatively coming up with ideas to incorporate origami in other products. Allison and Alex love working with the children they help and frequently visit the homeless shelters throughout the year to teach origami to, tutor, and have fun with!