• Happy Valentine's Day

    Here are a few of the new Valentine's Day cards we made!
  • Housing Families Holiday Party 2018!

    Check out when Allison and Alex attended the 2018 Housing Families' Holiday Party!
  • Everyday Young Hero Award

    Thank you to Youth Service America for highlighting our work! We are so grateful to receive this award! Learn more about Youth Service America at ...
  • #Back to School 2018!

    Back to school shopping with the profits from the Lexington Farmers Market!
  • 2018 Lexington Farmers Market

    Another Lexington Farmers Market in the books!
  • Housing Families Legislative Breakfast

    We are thankful to have had the opportunity to attend the Housing Families Legislative Breakfast. We heard about personal stories of families and learned about ongoing legislative efforts to help homeless families. We learned ...
  • BB&N Card Making for a Cause

    Allison and classmates made handmade cards to sell at their Valentine's Day sale! All proceeds were donated to Housing Families Inc.
  • 2017 Housing Families Holiday Party!

    We had a great time helping out at the Housing Families Holiday Party again!

  • 2017 Lexington Farmers Market

    We enjoyed selling our origami crafts at the Lexington Farmers Market!
  • 70 Origami Pigs!

    Our grandmother turned 70 today! She was born in the year of the pig, so here are 70 pigs for her!

  • Birthdays2Go!

    With Birthdays2Go, all we need is some fun! 🎉
  • Housing Families Holiday Party 2016!

    The 2016 Housing Families Holiday Party was a blast!