#PowerOfYouth grant funds HFI online summer camp!

Thanks to a grant from America’s Promise, we were able to fund crafts and Zoom accounts for kids at Housing Families Inc. online summer camp! #powerofyouth
Making craft kits for Pre-K students! We’re reading The Runaway Dinner and then making our own plate of peas, carrots, sausages, etc! Let’s hope our food won’t runaway!
More craft kits for Pre-K students! This time we’re reading Go Dog Go! and going to make dog puppets!
Finished crafts after camp with the Pre-K students at Housing Families Inc summer camp! So great to see the kids even if it’s over Zoom!
Teaching pointillism to more kids at Housing Families! So much creativity!
Learning about engineering and building our own juice box cars! We used every day materials to make a fun toy! It was a blast hanging out with these kids over Zoom!