Housing Families Legislative Breakfast

We had the opportunity to attend the Housing Families Legislative Breakfast, where we heard about the personal stories of families who have struggled with homelessness and learned about ongoing legislative efforts to ensure all families have a safe and secure home.

We learned:
  • Housing Families has grown into a regional program with a comprehensive approach to assisting an estimated 13,170 people in families with children throughout the state who are homeless or at-risk of losing their homes.
  • Massachusetts has made huge strides to move people out of motels and into permanent housing.
  • The Massachusetts Senate will pass the $1.8 billion Housing Bond Bill that will reauthorize bond programs to create, expand and protect affordable housing and support services.
  • Parts of the solution to homelessness is increasing minimum wage, and paid family and medical leave. 
  • The Fair Share Amendment that would increase state taxes by four percent for those who take home more than a million dollars annually.
  • Increasing the Massachusetts Rental Voucher Program to $120 million would allow the program to provide 1,000 new vouchers. 
  • We heard two moving stories from women who experienced unexpected financial and medical problems and had struggles with providing a home for their families.


We are thankful to learn more about homelessness and how it impacts people around us. Check out these pictures we took from the breakfast: